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Playing Kate:

PhD Practice

This PhD PaR project focuses on repli-Kating key moments of Kate Middleton as new mother. The practice as research is submitted alongside a written thesis orgainsed into three chapters, examining the first three post birth appearances of the Duchess; Chapter 1 - when she leaves the hospital, Chapter 2 - when she is spotted post-birth at the supermarket and Chapter 3 - the release of the first official family portrait, taken in the Middleton family back garden.

Photo credit: Zoe Manders
Chapter 1
(In)common: the indeterminate persona

Playing Kate: Outside the Hospital (2017)

The PaR explored my own messy, invisible attempt to transform into Kate through my performative repli-Kating of Kate as new mother outside the Lindo Wing (2013). The PaR was made in two parts, leaving St Richards NHS hospital with my new born and returning a few weeks later to perform my Repli-Kation. The images were published in Maternal Art Magazine (2020) and All4Maternity Blog, Birth, Art and Culture (2018). Click on this project to see the images and video documentation.

Chapter 2
Common(er): persona as confrontation

Playing Kate: Her Royal Pie-ness (2018)

The PaR examined the first unofficial appearance of Kate post birth at the supermarket. (2013) The PaR was made at my local supermarket, my mum's house in Croydon and in my rented house in Chichester over a period in 2018. The performances were for camera and passersby. The video work was shown at Digesting Ritual: Food, waste and the body a multi-disciplinary seminar, ritual and banquet at GSA, University of Sussex (2018) Click on this project to see the images and video documentation.

Photo credit: Zoe Manders
Chapter 3
Common(ing): persona as disruption

Playing Kate: (Outside the Venue) (2019)

The PaR was performed at Motherworks (2019) festival at Cambridge Junction. The research and performance developed the initial ideas from Playing Kate:Outside the Hospital (2013) for an invited theatre audience and impromptu passers-bys. The performance took place in the rain outside of the building, audience stepped over me into the building, watched through the glass window and took selfies from across the street. Click on this project to see the images and documentation.

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